Polytropolis Header 2022

Celebrating Polysthetic’s three year YouTube anniversary: 446,426 views and 2,934 subscribers, and counting! We say goodbye to cyberpunk Polytropolis and jump into space.

Representing the Andromedoom focus of my channel, the Little Big Planet inspired, hand-crafted, papercraft aesthetic has taken over this year, a parallel to the rough-around-the-edges nature of zero-budget, solo indie game development. Polysthetic is a star represented as a lava lamp, within a cardboard box planetary system. Surrounding it are “orbiting” celestial bodies, dangled from strings from the roof of the diorama. The Christmas tree bauble represents this year’s Christmas project, the crescent moon represents the Harry Potter Game of Thrones project (complete with the Weasleys’ toy car), a Polaroid image of Mars representing Polysthetic 98, and a corrugated cardboard planet invaded by plastic space invaders representing Andromedoom.

We say goodbye to Polytropolis below.