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This isn’t so much about modelling a character as it is about me trying out social media “abundance”. For a while I have been avoiding the major players, thinking it is an addictive time sink that promises fame and fortune. Whilst I have maintained that I won’t use Facebook, I did eventually bite the bullet and tried out Instagram, Twitter, Mastodon, LinkedIn and recently mirrored my channel onto Odysee. I then automated posting with some social media management apps.

As I suspected, it’s not really worth the time. The time spent trying to build an audience, pruning the content, posting at the right time, and (shudder) thinking about paying for promotions only ended up confirming my suspicions. Time spent doing all these things only eats away at the time available and ultimate enjoyment in doing the things you love in the first place.

I haven’t decided on how to proceed. I’d rather spend that mental energy on Andromedoom and modelling dumb character in Blender just for the fun of it… like the cute guy below, who looks like Instagram back when Instagram was still Instagram.

Cute Instagram Character GIF