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Midjiwan reached out to me after my two fan art projects for the Battle of Polytopia and offered a job as an artist. Part of the process was an optional test which I was enthusiastic to take on. The brief is below:

Artist Brief
Pholyxi Sprite City


If Imperius is Classical Greco-Roman, Phlolyxi’s buildings are based on Renaissance, Baroque, and Neoclassical architecture. They are similar to the most opulent of Parisian and Viennese buildings, like Ancient Rome on steroids.

Inspiration: Palais de Garnier


Pholyxians see themselves as angles, so much so that they attach wings and halos to their helmets. This unit is the Phalanx, replacing the Swordsman. It has the special ability “Skewer” where they can damage units behind the units they attack.

Inspiration: Bugs Bunny from “What’s Opera Doc?”

Sprite Leonrnithix


Above the clouds, is the most regal of animals: the Leornithix. It is a reverse-Griffin, with a lion’s front and the rear of a peacock or a bird of paradise. They are ferocious guards of the Pholyxian’s heavenly realm.

Sprite Forest


This is a departure from the creative direction, but it seemed worth bringing to life. These are “halo trees”, based on Terraria’s “Hallowed” biome. They have silvery wood with rings of foliage that runs the gamut of the rainbow.

Inspiration: Terraria’s Hallowed Biome

Pholyxi Poster